Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities – Getting a Job

This booklet provides advice for family carers of adults with a learning disability. This guide offers valuable information to help families think about what they can do to support their family member.


#MHN2014: The future of mental health

This discussion paper from the NHS Confederation looks at what mental health services might look like in ten to twenty years’ time.


Solving the NHS care and cash crisis: Routes to health and care renewal

This think tank paper proposes that higher “sin” taxes on alcohol, tobacco and sugary foods, means-testing of NHS “Continuing Care”, plus a £10 per month NHS membership charge and other patient contributions are needed for the NHS to survive the next five years.


NHS Choice framework

The framework brings together information about patients’ rights to choice about their health care, where to get more information to help make a choice, and how they can complain if they have not been offered choice. For 2014-15 expanded to include patients’ rights to choice in the area of mental health.


Positive and Proactive Care: reducing restrictive interventions

This document provides a framework for adult health and social care services to develop a culture where restrictive interventions are only ever used as a last resort.


Mental Disorders and Cancer Survival Rates

Research finds no significant difference in how advanced cancer was at diagnosis for people with a history of mental illness, compared to those without. However, they did find that people with mental health disorders had worse survival after cancer diagnosis, suggesting that the problems arise during their care, rather than being due to late screening or diagnosis.


A new settlement for health and social care Interim report

This is the interim report from the independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England. Explains why it believes England needs a single health and social care system, with a ring-fenced, singly commissioned budget, and more closely aligned entitlements.


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