Social Inclusion – Vision & Progress: Social Inclusion & Mental Health

Vision and progress: Social inclusion and mental health, March 2009, National Social Inclusion Programme

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The National Social Inclusion Programme (NSIP) launched its ‘Vision and Progress’ report on 12th March, 2009.

The report sets out the achievements of NSIP since the 2004 Mental Health and Social Exclusion report by the Social Exclusion Unit (SEU). It reviews the last four years in light of our activity at national, regional and local level. It highlights the progress that has been made across the statutory and non-statutory sectors and highlights the additional value of work beyond our formal remit; work that has sought to reach out to non-traditional services and partners to champion the social inclusion agenda in sometimes unfamiliar areas.

It also provides an assessment of the remaining and continuing challenges that need to be addressed for improved outcomes for people with mental health problems. This is based on feedback from national and regional social inclusion leads across mental health and health services, local authorities and regional bodies, as well as information gathered through an analysis of progress and gaps with provider organisations at a local level.