Health and Care of People with Learning Disabilities

NHS Equality and Diversity Forum, April 2017

This interactive report investigates the potential differences in the treatment, health status, and outcomes of people with learning disabilities.

The report found that:

  • On average, females with learning disabilities had around an 18 year shorter life expectancy than the general population, and males had around a 14 year shorter life expectancy than the general population
  • The percentage of patients known to their GP as having a learning disability who received an annual learning disability health check increased to 46 per cent from 43 per cent in 2014-15
  • Obesity is twice as common in people aged 18-35 with learning disabilities, being underweight is twice as common in people aged over 64 with learning disabilities, compared with patients with no learning disabilities
  • 3 in 4 eligible patients with a learning disability received colorectal cancer screening, an increase from just over 2 in 3 in 2014-15

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The impact of housing problems on mental health

Shelter, April 2017

This report reveals that over the last five years one in five adults suffer mental health problems due to housing pressures. The research also surveyed the experiences of 20 GPs who highlighted the number of patients diagnosed with anxiety or depression directly due to housing issues and that GPs required greater help to support patients with housing problems.

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Online support: investigating the role of public online forums in mental health

The King’s Fund, April 2017

This report was written by the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos in partnership with The King’s Fund. It looks at the large amounts of mental health related discussion taking place on public online forums, and explores whether computational techniques can provide robust, actionable insight from these conversations. It describes the collection and analysis of one million publicly available forum posts and addresses the technical and ethical challenges posed by the collection and analysis of online forum data.

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Leading across cultures: developing leaders for global organisations

Routledge, April 2017

This white paper explores how cultural influences impact values and beliefs, and consequently behaviours, working practices and leadership styles. It argues that different cultures value different leadership approaches and highlights ways in which this should be considered in line with a diverse workforce.

This paper requires free registration for full access to the text.

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Employment and Mental Health

Royal College of Psychiatrists, April 2017

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has for many years highlighted the importance of mental health and employment.

UK national policy is paying increasing attention to health, mental health and employment. Responding to a growing number of national policies and initiatives, the College has enhanced its coverage of relevant concerns of social psychiatry, mental health and employment.

This report outlines the main priorities and activities of the College in the area of mental health and employment.

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