Association of “Weekend Warrior” and Other Leisure Time Physical Activity Patterns With Risks for All-Cause, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer Mortality

JAMA Internal Medicine, January 9, 2017. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2016.8014 

This research investigates the associations of physical activity patterns with mortality.  It aims to investigate associations between people who perform all their exercise in one or two sessions a week or have other physical activity patterns and the risks for all-cause, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and cancer mortality.

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Swimming together or sinking alone: health, care and the art of systems leadership

Institute of Healthcare Management, January 2017

This report is based on interviews with senior leaders in health and local government on what is really happening as managers grapple with the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) process.  The report will help leaders understand the values, culture and skills they need to survive and thrive as the NHS tries to change from organisations working in silos to local health and care networks focussed on the needs of patients.

Heather Tierney-Moore, Chief Executive of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, is a contributor to the report.

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Changes in the behaviour and health of 40 to 60 year olds

Public Health England, December 2016

These reports show how the behaviour and health of people aged between 40 and 60 has changed over the last 20 years.  The reports provide results of an analysis of health-related questions on obesity, smoking, drinking and general health conditions from the Health Survey for England (HSE) in 40 to 60 year olds between 1991 to 1993 and 2011 and 2013.

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The other one in four – how financial difficulty is neglected in mental health services

Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, December 2016

This report assesses the extent to which mental health services systematically recognise and respond to this relationship between financial difficulty and mental health problems. They explore where there are gaps in existing provision and where better coordination could improve services for people with mental health problems who are experiencing  financial difficulty.

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Definition of torture in the context of immigration detention policy

Royal College of Psychiatrists, December 2016

This position statement sets out the views of The Royal College of Psychiatrists with regards to the changes to Home Office policy on the definition of torture in the context of immigration detention policy.  The Royal College of Psychiatrists is concerned that the new policy  will significantly weaken the existing safeguards for vulnerable people with a history of torture, trafficking or other serious ill-treatment and that it will not, as is ostensibly intended, provide better protection for vulnerable groups against their detention and from the disproportionate adverse effects of such detention on those with a history of serious traumatic experiences.

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