New report encourages rigorous evaluation of health and wellbeing programmes

NHS Employers, 21 November 2014

NHS Employers has published guidance that encourages NHS organisations to improve evaluation of their internal health and wellbeing programmes.

Findings from Evaluating Health & Wellbeing Interventions for Healthcare Staff show that financial pressure on the NHS will make it increasingly difficult for NHS boards to justify their own staff health and wellbeing programmes – unless more evidence and rigor is developed to assess their value.

The report provides evidence and describes ten key principles to help enhance evaluation of these programmes:

  • ensure the purpose of the evaluation is determined
  • establish your evaluation criteria
  • plan, prepare and where possible document the evaluation design
  • look for change
  • consider the long-term impacts of an intervention
  • consider the bigger picture
  • senior management engagement
  • build a capacity and capability for evaluation
  • ensure there is focus on process as well as on the outcome
  • effective communication and understanding of evaluation findings.

 It also recommends that NHS organisations increasingly share and develop a detailed evidence base, helping to explore what works and what doesn’t.

Click here for further information and to download the guidance.