A rapid synthesis of the evidence on interventions supporting self-management for people with long-term conditions: PRISMS – practical systematic review of self-management support for long-term conditions

National Institute for Health Research, December 2014

Everyone who has a long-term condition (LTC), such as arthritis or asthma, has to deal with (or ‘self-manage’) their condition, sometimes with the help of a spouse, friends or a carer. In addition to physical symptoms, LTCs often have social and emotional effects on people.  The NIHR were commissioned to look at what can be done to support self-management across a wide range of LTCs and to make suggestions to those providing health services. This was done by systematically summarising the research that has been done in the area.

The report concludes that supporting good self-management is inseparable from the high-quality care all people with LTCs should receive. Supporting self-management is not a substitute for care from doctors and nurses but a hallmark of good care. Providers of services for people with LTCs should consider how they can actively support self-management.

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