Workplace interventions for reducing sitting at work

The Cochrane Library, 26 January 2015

The number of people working whilst seated at a desk keeps increasing worldwide. As sitting increases, occupational physical strain declines at the same time. This has contributed to increases in cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Therefore, reducing and breaking up the time that people spend sitting while at work is important for health.

The objectives of this Cochrane Review are to evaluate the effects of workplace interventions to reduce sitting at work compared to no intervention or alternative interventions.

The study concludes that at present there is very low quality evidence that sit-stand desks can reduce sitting time at work, but the effects of policy changes and information and counselling are inconsistent. There is a need for high quality cluster-randomised trials to assess the effects of different types of interventions on objectively measured sitting time. There are many ongoing trials that might change these conclusions in the near future.

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