ApTiC: A feasibility trial of a communication method using mobile technology to improve assessment within an early intervention service

European Psychiatry, Volume 33, Supplement, March 2016, Pages S608

Authors: M. Riley, M. Lovell, N. Gire, S. Lane, P.J. Taylor, M. Fitzsimmons, I.B. Chaudhry, P. Bee, K. Lovell, N. Husain

Miv Riley and other staff members from Lancashire Care have published an article in European Psychiatry.

The objective of the study was to develop an interactive tool that can assist service user’s communication of distress, whilst employing a psychoeducational approach to the use of an informal therapeutic measurement scale; subjective units of distress (SUDs) and early warning signs (EWS). The ApTiC mobile intervention will include ten numerically graded emoticons from low to extreme distress.  The present study aims to examine the feasibility and acceptability of the ApTic mobile intervention in preparation for a larger randomised controlled trial.

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