Supporting mental health for all

London Assembly, February 2018

Report that identifies four key problems that people in marginalised groups can encounter when trying to get mental health support.

  1. Physical barriers to accessing mental health services, in terms of where, when and how the services operate.
  2. The language used by health professionals can be offputting, intimidating or discriminatory – and this can prevent people from using particular services or discussing sensitive mental health issues with them.
  3. Many GPs and other primary care staff lack the skills and/or the capacity to deal appropriately with mental health issues in ways that are supportive and inclusive of diverse population.
  4. Specialist mental health services are being replaced by generalist services, which lack expertise in dealing with the needs of marginalised groups.

This report calls for the involvement of service users – and potential service users – from marginalised groups in the planning and discussions on developing services.

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