Places, spaces and wellbeing

What Works Wellbeing, June 2018

Evidence review from What Works Wellbeing that considers the global evidence base for improving people’s wellbeing through changes to the community infrastructure. This covers:

  • Public places and ‘bumping’ places designed for people to meet, including streets, squares, parks, play areas, village halls and community centres.
  • Places where people meet informally or are used as meeting places, such as cafes, pubs, libraries, schools and churches.
  • Services that can facilitate access to places to meet, including urban design, landscape architecture and public art, transport, public health organisations, subsidised housing sites, and bus routes.

The focus of our review has been on interventions operating at the neighbourhood level rather than city or national level. Virtual spaces, are our of the scope of this review, there is a growing evidence base though on their value.

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