Ten steps towards a new plan for the NHS in England

NHS Confederation, July 2018

Calls for a national conversation about what we want and can expect from the health service in England over the next.  this NHS Confederation document proposes ten actions which would underpin specific priorities for a new plan.

  1. Healthcare must be patient-centred
  2. Invest in new models of care in the community
  3. Must devise national and local strategies to recruit
  4. Must wage war on unwarranted variation and streamline the back-office
  5. Update legislation to create simpler structures
  6. Work to put mental health on an equal footing with physical health
  7. Invest in social care and integrate health and social care services
  8. Save a national settlement with local government for commissioning properly integrated local services
  9. Help manage demand for healthcare with effective public health and self-care
  10. The public must be consulted and clinical staff must be involved

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