State Of Child Health: Short report series: Child health in 2030 in England: comparisons with other wealthy countries

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, October 2018

This report uses long term historical data on key children and young people (CYP) health outcomes and various projection modelling methods to estimate CYP outcomes in 2030 in England compared with other wealthy European and western countries. The accompanying recommendations report calls for NHS England to develop a Children and Young People’s Health Strategy for England, to be delivered by a funded transformation programme led by a dedicated programme board. It predicts that in England, by 2030:

  • mortality rates are set to be 140% higher for infants than in comparable wealthy nations
  • reported mental health problems may increase by 60%
  • A&E attendances among children and young people likely to increase by 50%
  • nearly one-third of England’s most deprived boys will be obese.

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