A Society of Readers

Demos, November 2018

Demos carried out research over the summer of 2018 to assess the potential impact of reading on several great challenges of our time: loneliness, mental health problems, dementia and social (im)mobility. If left unchecked, this research shows, these challenges will grow into insurmountable problems. Could something as simple as reading truly make a difference when the scale of the issue is quite so momentous? The short answer is yes.

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A Blueprint for a 100% Digitally Included Nation

Good Things Foundation, November 2018

Digital exclusion in the UK is holding back economic growth and stalling social inclusion. In 2018, 11.3million adults lack one or more of the basic digital skills for life and work. At current rates of progress, by 2028 there will still be 6.9 million people without these skills. In a world where we increasingly rely on digital in all areas of our lives, this is too slow. This report believed that everyone in the UK should have the confidence, skills, support and access to use digital technology to participate in society and benefit from the digital world. It calls for a faster move towards realising this aim and envisages a world where everyone has the opportunity to benefit from digital.

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A fair, supportive society: summary report

University College London Institute of Health Equity, November 2018

NHS England commissioned report that highlights that some of the most vulnerable people in society – those with learning disabilities – will die 15-20 years sooner on average than the general population. Much of the government action needed to improve life expectancy for people with disabilities is likely to reduce health inequalities for everyone. The report recommends that action should focus on the ‘social determinants of health’, particularly addressing poverty, poor housing, discrimination and bullying.

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Ensuring access to medicines: How to stimulate innovation to meet patients’ needs?: (Policy Brief 29)

European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, November 2018

Brief that aims to inform discussions about stimulating more meaningful productivity in terms of pharmaceutical R&D. More specifically, it explores how R&D efforts can be steered to areas of unmet clinical needs and how efficiency in the R&D process can be increased. It also explicitly considers concrete options for strengthening cooperation between European Union member states in this context.

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Research integrity: clinical trials transparency: Tenth Report of Session 2017–19 Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, November 2018

Selective non-publication of the results of research distorts the published evidence base and is a threat to research integrity. In the case of clinical trials, non-publication of results means that information on the efficacy of new drugs or other medical interventions cannot be used. Falling short on ‘clinical trials transparency’ in this way presents risks to human health, contributes to research wastage and means that clinical decisions are made without access to all the available evidence.

A range of UK and EU rules and guidelines are now in force to improve clinical trials transparency, in terms of tackling non-registration, non-reporting and mis-reporting. However, despite these rules, around half of clinical trials are currently left unreported, clinical trial registration is not yet universal in the UK, and reported outcomes do not always align with the original study proposal.

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5 Act Now guides

NHS England, November 2018

These are a series of guides produced by NHS England aimed to help health and social care colleagues to take prompt practical actions and use every opportunity to prevent delayed transfers of care. It aims to assist health and social care staff to address the evidence that staying in hospital for longer than required drives adverse outcomes for patients.  Click on the links below to access the guides:

1 Act Now : maximise your leadership this winter

2 Act Now : plan for discharge early

3 Act Now : maximise your leadership this winter

4 Act Now : new technology to find Care Home availability

5 Act Now : Look after yourself, look after others: flu immunisation