Library Bulletins – October 2018

This week’s Library bulletins are on Health and Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention.



The Cold Weather Plan for England: Protecting health and reducing harm from cold weather

Public Health England, October 2018

The cold weather plan gives advice to help prevent the major avoidable effects on health during periods of cold weather in England.

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Cold Weather Plan For England Making the Case: Why long-term strategic planning for cold weather is essential to health and wellbeing

Public Health England, October 2018

This document aims to support the Cold Weather Plan for England (CWP) by providing the evidence of the effects of cold on health as well as what is known about the effectiveness of interventions.

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Multi-agency statutory guidance on female genital mutilation

Department for Education, Department of Health and Social Care and Home Office, October 2018

This amended guidance on female genital mutilation (FGM) is for all persons and bodies in England and Wales.  This guidance is a must read if you are under statutory duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and vulnerable adults.

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A Crying Shame: A report by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner into vulnerable babies in England

Office of the Children’s Commissioner, October 2018

This report looks at how many babies might be vulnerable in this way and presents the facts about the sort of risks even very young children are being exposed to. Much of the data is missing; however, we are publishing the best estimates we can give of the numbers of babies living in high-risk households. A more detailed technical report explains some of the factors which affect the calculations2 – namely, that very little data is collected or collated about vulnerable babies, and that the data which does exist is often reported for children in age brackets (0-4) and not broken down for babies under a year old.

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“Just one thing after another”: living with multiple conditions

Richmond Group of Charities, October 2018

This report shares learnings from ten in-depth interviews with people living with multiple long-term conditions from a wide range of demographics and locations across England. It showcases their everyday experiences and their own perceptions of their quality of life as well as the changes they’d like to see.

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A connected society: A strategy for tackling loneliness: Laying the foundations for change

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, October 2018

This strategy sets out the approach to tackling loneliness in England. It marks a shift in the way we see and act on loneliness, both within government and in society more broadly. The strategy looks at what can be done to design in support for social relationships in this changing context. It  highlights the importance of social relationships to people’s health and wellbeing. By social wellbeing, it means our personal relationships and social support networks and the way these can bring happiness, comfort and resilience, adding to our overall wellbeing.

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