Working together to promote cessation of smoking in children and young people: briefing for commissioners of Tier 4 Children and Adolescents Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Public Health England, December 2016

This briefing aims to clarify what we know about the relationship between mental health and smoking prevalence amongst children and young people, what Children and Adolescents Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are doing to support children and young people with smoke free advice and support, and what actions commissioners and the public health system might take to reduce levels of smoking and the harms that arise from it.

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Defining a health-based place of safety (S136) and crisis assessment sites for young people under 18

Royal College of Psychiatrists, August 2016

The aim of this position statement is to define the health-based place of safety and crisis assessment sites, and to lay out the standards required for quality provision.
The position statement relates to legislation, policy and practice in England and Wales.

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Lightning review: Access to Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

The Children’s Commissioner for England, May 2016

The Children’s Commissioner has become concerned that not all children and young people are able to access children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and receive the mental health services and support they need.  Using her powers to request data from public bodies all CAMHS trusts were asked about the referrals they received and the access that they gave children and young people in their area during 2015. This lightning review is designed to cast light on potential issues that exist in the mental health services vulnerable young people.  The report aims to draw commissioners’ and policymakers’ attention to possible weaknesses in local systems and help them improve provision so that more and more young people can have their mental health needs met and so begin to recover and rebuild their lives.

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Education, education, mental health: Supporting secondary schools to play a central role in early intervention mental health services

IPPR, May 2016

Nowhere is the crisis in children and young people’s mental health felt more acutely than in our secondary schools, which increasingly find themselves on the frontline. This report examines why schools are facing a ‘perfect storm’, and makes the case for putting secondary schools at the heart of early intervention provision for children and young people with emerging, low-level mental health problems.

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Parents Say Toolkit

Young Minds, December 2015

This toolkit supports services delivering mental health treatment to young people to implement parent participation in all aspects of their work – from Assessment, to Intervention, to Service Delivery.  It also supports services to make an effective business case for parent participation.

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‘Passport’ style brief of young people’s mental health launched

NHS England, 15 October 2015

A ‘passport’ style brief of key facts that children and young people using mental health services can use to help them avoid repeating their history and preferences has been launched by NHS England.  The ‘passport’ idea, which includes clinical information as well as key personal preferences, has been developed by young people, parents and carers and can now be used across care settings either on paper or on mobile phones.

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