Developing support and services for children and young people with a learning disability, autism or both

NHS England, September 2017

This document provides guidance for Transforming Care Partnerships (and their local partners Clinical Commissioning Groups / Local Authorities) in commissioning support and services for children and young people with learning disability, autism or both.

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Leading Large Scale Change

NHS England, September 2017

NHS England have produced a guide to leading large scale change to help all those involved in seeking to achieve transformational change in complex health and care environments. It is relevant to all those involved in transformational change programmes such as Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and the development of new care models, and has relevance across public services.

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Sexual health, reproductive health and HIV: commissioning review

Public Health England, August 2017

This report presents the findings and action plan from a national survey of commissioning arrangements for sexual health, reproductive health and HIV. The survey findings form the basis of an action plan published within the review. Appendix 1 provides a detailed analysis of the survey responses and appendix 2 details the action plan to respond to the challenges identified.

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NHS Commissioning of Specialised Services

House of Commons Library, June 2017

This Commons Library briefing paper looks at the commissioning of specialised services by the NHS in England, for patients with rare or complex conditions. How the commissioning process works is set out in further detail, as well as analysis of the financial management and transparency of specialised commissioning, and recent reforms introduced by NICE and NHS England, including reforms to the Cancer Drugs Fund.

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Safe staffing in learning disability services

NHS Improvement, January 2017

A guide to help standardise staffing decisions for learning disability services in community and inpatient settings.  This resource is designed to help commissioners and providers of NHS commissioned services, create, review and sustain safe and effective specialist health services for people with a learning disability, who have a wide range of needs and varying levels of disability.

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