‘What would life be – without a sing or dance, what are we?’ A report from the Commission on Dementia and Music

International Longevity Centre, January 2018

This report summarises the work of the Commission, which was set up and co-ordinated by International Longevity Centre-UK, with support from The Utley Foundation. It examines the current and potential use of therapeutic music with people with dementia. It calls for a more effective co-ordination of national and regional activites, more research, imporved public awareness and increased funding.

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NHS Health Check 40-64 dementia pilot research findings

Alzheimer’s Society, August 2017

The report sets out the findings of a pilot to deliver advice to 40-64-year-olds on how to reduce dementia as part of the NHS Health Check programme.  The report showed 75% of the 164 people who remembered the advice on dementia risk said they were more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing dementia, while 80% said the advice would have some impact on their behavior.

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Dementia prevention, intervention, and care

The Lancet, July 2017

Dementia is the greatest global challenge for health and social care in the 21st century: around 50 million people worldwide have dementia and this number is predicted to triple by 2050. The Lancet Commission on dementia aims to review the best available evidence and produce recommendations on how to best manage, or even prevent, the dementia epidemic.

Dementia is not an inevitable consequence of ageing and the Commission identifies nine potentially modifiable health and lifestyle factors from different phases of life that, if eliminated, might prevent dementia. Although therapies are currently not available to modify the underlying disease process, the Commission outlines pharmacological and social interventions that are able to help manage the manifestations of dementia.

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