Health matters: health and work

Public Health England, January 2019

This guidanceĀ brings together in one place data, toolkits and evidence of what works in addressing and removing health-related barriers to gaining and retaining employment. It focuses on the actions that can be taken by employers in general, local authorities and the NHS workforce with regards to health and work.

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Working Together

Royal College of Nursing, January 2019

This document has been created by RCN reps and staff, working together to share their experience and expertise for the benefit of the wider rep community.

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Inspire, Attract And Recruit: An Interactive Toolkit To Support Your Workforce Supply

NHS Employers, December 2018

NHS Employers toolkit offering guidance, good practice, checklists, top tips, questions and leading examples from across the NHS, to help employers take stock of what may need to be done to sustain a workforce pipeline. It aims to provide practical information on understanding audiences, how to attract the right people and ensuring employees have the best on-boarding experience.

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Care staffing in the NHS: the good, the bad and the promising

BPP University School of Nursing, December 2018

Report from BPP University School of Nursing looking at nurse recruitment. It finds while it is clear that NHS trusts are having to deal with budgetary pressures and a skills shortage which may be exacerbated by Brexit, they are also facing significant changes to their traditional training models. This includes factors such as cuts to bursaries and the declining numbers of those applying for nursing degrees.

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The health care workforce in England: make or break?

The King’s Fund, November 2018

This briefing highlights the scale of workforce challenges now facing the health service and the threat this poses to the delivery and quality of care over the next 10 years. It sets out the reasons why the NHS long-term plan and supporting workforce strategy must address the urgent and mounting challenges facing the health care workforce.

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