The prevalence and persistence of ethnic and racial harassment and its impact on health: a longitudinal analysis

Institute for Social and Economic Research, May 2019

This research looks at how ethnic minorities in the UK experience harassment and its impact on their lives.  The research finds that one in ten people from ethnic minorities in England have reported experiencing ethnic and racial harassment in a public place, and almost double that number have reported feeling unsafe or avoiding public places.  The report finds that experiencing ethnic and racial harassment can affect mental health and recommends that harassment and discrimination are considered in relation to the provision of mental health services.

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Caring alone: why Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic young carers continue to struggle to access support

Barnardo’s, April 2019

This report finds that young Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children who care for ill or disabled relatives are more likely than other young carers to be isolated from support services.  The concept of a young carer is unfamiliar to many BAME communities as helping your family and extended family is often expected and there is stigma within many BAME communities in acknowledging mental health and disability issues and in seeking support.  The report makes recommendations including ensuring that allpatients who don’t speak English should have access to a translator instead of relying on children to translate for their family.  The NHS should work with communities to tackle stigma around within BAME communities to reduce the stigma of mental illness, special needs and disability and improve access to services.

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Health inequalities: reducing ethnic inequalities

Public Health England, August 2018

This guidance to support local and national action on ethnic inequalities in health provides:

  • a summary of information and data by ethnic group in England
  • examples of practical approaches to address ethnic inequalities in health
  • case studies of local action to address ethnic health inequalities

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Mental health crisis review – experiences of black and minority ethnic communities

Race Equality Foundation, June 2015

The Race Equality Foundation was commissioned by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to conduct a series of interviews and focus groups with black and minority ethnic people, in specific areas, who had experience of crisis care. Focus groups and interviews were carried out in the five mental health trust areas between August and November 2014. Participants were recruited through local voluntary sector organisations. A total of 76 people took part in focus groups and/or interviews facilitated by local organisations, who carried out recruitment. Several of the people from focus groups were also interviewed on their own to gain a better insight into their experience.

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