5 Act Now guides

NHS England, November 2018

These are a series of guides produced by NHS England aimed to help health and social care colleagues to take prompt practical actions and use every opportunity to prevent delayed transfers of care. It aims to assist health and social care staff to address the evidence that staying in hospital for longer than required drives adverse outcomes for patients.  Click on the links below to access the guides:

1 Act Now : maximise your leadership this winter

2 Act Now : plan for discharge early

3 Act Now : maximise your leadership this winter

4 Act Now : new technology to find Care Home availability

5 Act Now : Look after yourself, look after others: flu immunisation

The national influenza immunisation programme 2018/19: Inactivated influenza vaccine information for health care practitioners

Public Health England, August 2018

This document about the inactivated influenza vaccine is intended for healthcare practitioners and includes detailed information on:

  • the background of the programme
  • vaccine handling, administration and constituents
  • vaccine eligibility and precautions
  • eligibility and resources to implement the programme

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The flu vaccination winter 2018 to 2019: who should have it and why

Public Health England, August 2018

This leaflet explains to patients how they can help protect themselves and their children against flu this coming winter. It includes information for children, eligible adults and pregnant women, and explains why it’s very important that people at increased risk from flu or who care for someone vulnerable to have their free vaccination every year.

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Easy read childhood nasal flu leaflet

Public Health England, September 2016

This leaflet is aimed at children with learning difficulties who are offered the nasal flu vaccination. It provides easy to read advice on:

  • the flu virus and why you need the vaccine
  • signs and symptoms of flu
  • how the nasal flu spray is given

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UK immunisation schedule: the green book, chapter 11

Public Health England, September 2016

This chapter has been fully updated to reflect all the recent changes to the routine childhood immunisation schedule, as well as those to the adult programme.

The overall aim of the UK’s routine immunisation schedule is to provide protection against the following vaccine-preventable infections:

pertussis (whooping cough)
haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)
meningococcal disease (certain serogroups)
pneumococcal (certain serotypes)
human papillomavirus types (certain serotypes)

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Influenza vaccination for healthcare workers in the UK: appraisal of systematic reviews and policy options

BMJ Open, 13 September 2016

The UK Department of Health recommends annual influenza vaccination for healthcare workers, but uptake remains low. For staff, there is uncertainty about the rationale for vaccination and evidence underpinning the recommendation.

This systematic appraisal of systematic reviews aims to clarify the rationale, and evidence base, for influenza vaccination of healthcare workers from the occupational health, employer and patient safety perspectives.

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