Library Mental Health Bulletins

This week’s Library bulletins are on Recovery and Suicide Prevention.


KnowledgeShare – keep up-to-date with the latest evidence

The Gosall Library, June 2018

Don’t forget that all staff are able to sign up for KnowledgeShare.  KnowledgeShare provides you with customized alerts on the latest evidence tailored to your interests.  Focusing on evidence that will change practice, and the latest publications on quality, safety, education and the patient experience, the aim is to bring you what you need to know and no more.

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Routine Enquiry about Adverse Childhood Experiences Implementation pack pilot evaluation (final report) –

Department of Health and Social Care, May 2018

Report looking at pilot of a Lancashire Care Foundation Trust implementation pack to support services in developing, implementing and embedding routine enquiry about adversity in childhood (REACh).The report presents findings from the pilot study undertaken at three NHS Trusts. The pack includes three core components:

  • The Organisational Readiness Checklist and Action Plan (OR-CAP): Designed to enable services to self-assess whether they are ready to safely implement, and effectively embed, routine enquiry using the ACE-CSE questionnaire, and respond appropriately to disclosures.
  • A staff training package: Designed to support services in training staff to implement routine enquiry using the ACE-CSE questionnaire.
  • The ACE-CSE questionnaire: Designed to provide services with a standardised tool and list of questions to use when implementing routine enquiry.

Click here to view the full report.