‘What would life be – without a sing or dance, what are we?’ A report from the Commission on Dementia and Music

International Longevity Centre, January 2018

This report summarises the work of the Commission, which was set up and co-ordinated by International Longevity Centre-UK, with support from The Utley Foundation. It examines the current and potential use of therapeutic music with people with dementia. It calls for a more effective co-ordination of national and regional activites, more research, imporved public awareness and increased funding.

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Music Therapy for Depression

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, November 2017

This Cochrane Review finds that music therapy plus treatment as usual is more effective than treatment as usual alone. Music therapy seems to reduce depressive symptoms and anxiety and helps to improve functioning (e.g. maintaining involvement in job, activities, and relationships).

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