Mental health services: addressing the care deficit

NHS Providers, March 2019

This report looks at the levels of demand reported by frontline leaders across the range of services they provide, and examines what lies behind the growing pressures.  In particular the report identifies widespread concerns about benefits cuts and the impact of universal credit. It also suggests that loneliness, homelessness and financial hardship are adding to pressures on NHS mental health services.

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Training routes into the NHS – Infographic

NHS Employers, February 2019

This infographic shows the additional options that are available to complement traditional training and recruitment routes.This resource can help employers to identify and consider additional routes that can be used to:

  • support workforce challenges
  • recruit from the local community
  • build career pathways

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Mental Wellbeing Commission report

NHS Staff and Learners’ Mental Wellbeing Commission, February 2019

This report sets out the findings of the NHS Staff and Learners’ Mental Wellbeing Commission.  The Commission aimed to discover and review evidence of good practice where the mental health and wellbeing of staff and learners in NHS organisations has been made an organisational priority. The Commission has examined successful interventions from around the country, to identify what has worked well and what could be adopted widely.

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Developing People – Improving Care

NHS Improvement, February 2019

This guidance provides an evidence-based national framework to guide action on improvement skill-building, leadership development and talent management for people in NHS-funded roles.

The framework focuses on helping NHS and social care staff to develop four critical capabilities:

  • systems leadership
  • established quality improvement methods
  • inclusive and compassionate leadership
  • talent management

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Involving NHS staff in research

Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute, February 2019

This report looks at the different ways NHS staff are getting involved in the research process including designing studies, collecting data, and disseminating and implementing research findings.  It also looks at how staff involvement in research could be improved and describes some of the barriers to active involvement, from lack funding and support through to a tendency for research opportunities to be offered to certain healthcare professions and specialties.

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Universal personalised care: implementing the comprehensive model

NHS England, February 2019

Personalised Care will benefit up to 2.5 million people by 2024, giving them the same choice and control over their mental and physical health that they have come to expect in every other aspect of their life. This document confirms how personalised care will be rolled out across England by 2023/24.

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Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future

Health Education England, February 2019

This is the report of the findings of the Topol Review, led by Dr Eric Topol.  The review explored how to prepare the healthcare workforce, through education and training, to deliver the digital future.  The report looks at how technological and other developments are likely to change the roles and functions of clinical staff, and investigates the skills that will be needed for these roles and how health education will need to adapt to facilitate this.

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