Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration 45th Report: 2017

Department of Health, March 2017

This report sets out the DDRB’s analysis of evidence given by relevant organisations and makes proposals for doctors’ and dentists’ pay and associated issues in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Public satisfaction with the NHS and social care in 2016: results and trends from the British Social Attitudes survey

The King’s Fund, March 2017

The British public’s satisfaction with the NHS remained steady in 2016, according to the data contained in this report. The findings from the British Social Attitudes survey, carried out by the National Centre for Social Research between July and October 2016, show 63 per cent of people were satisfied with the NHS. The change in satisfaction since 2015 (when it was 60 per cent) is not statistically significant. Satisfaction remains high by historic standards, but is seven percentage points below its peak of 70 per cent in 2010.

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Five Year Forward View for Mental Health one year on

NHS England, March 2017

NHS England has published a report outlining the progress made in the first year of the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health.

The report sets out which areas are beginning to see improved access to care and outlines examples of good local practice in services. It also recognises the ongoing challenges, adding that there is more to do to “make a reality of the aspirations for transformation in mental health services”.

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Health and social care integration

National Audit Office, February 2017

This report warns that progress with integration of health and social care has, to date, been slower and less successful than envisaged and has not delivered all of the expected benefits for patients, the NHS or local authorities. As a result, the government’s plan for integrated health and social care services across England by 2020 is at significant risk.  The report also finds that  The Better Care Fund has not achieved the expected value for money, in terms of savings, outcomes for patients or hospital activity.

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