The UK nursing labour market review 2018

Royal College of Nursing, January 2019

This is the 2018 report providing a review of the UK nursing labour market, looking at recent data and trends for nursing staff working in the health sector across the UK.

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British Journal of Community Nursing – January 2019

The January edition of British Journal of Community Nursing has been published.  This edition includes articles on falls in nursing homes, district nursing caring for individuals with complex needs, and the future of Specialist Practice Qualifications in district nursing for band 6 leadership roles.

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Care staffing in the NHS: the good, the bad and the promising

BPP University School of Nursing, December 2018

Report from BPP University School of Nursing looking at nurse recruitment. It finds while it is clear that NHS trusts are having to deal with budgetary pressures and a skills shortage which may be exacerbated by Brexit, they are also facing significant changes to their traditional training models. This includes factors such as cuts to bursaries and the declining numbers of those applying for nursing degrees.

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British Journal of Community Nursing – November 2018

The November issue of British Journal of Community Nursing has been published.  This issue includes articles on winter and key infection prevention practices, caseload profiling in district nursing, and improving personalization in a district nursing team.

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Men’s Health: Nurse-led Projects in the Community

Queen’s Nursing Institute, October 2018

This report aims to provide information and guidance to community nurses who want to work more effectively on men’s health. At its core is information about a range of men’s health and wellbeing projects that the QNI supported in 2017 with funding from the Burdett Trust for Nursing. The report also includes wider information about men’s health including details of additional information and support.

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Adult Safeguarding: Roles and Competencies for Health Care Staff

Royal College of Nursing, August 2018

One of the most important principles of safeguarding is that it is everyone’s responsibility. Health care staff frequently work with people in their moments of greatest need and can witness health and social inequalities which have a direct impact on the lives of people they care for. This intercollegiate document has been designed to guide professionals and the teams they work with to identify the competencies they need in order to support individuals to receive personalised and culturally sensitive safeguarding. It sets out minimum training requirements along with education and training principles.

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Your Future Nurses: The Different Routes To Recruiting Your Workforce

NHS Employers, August 2018

NHS Employers infographic exploring different routes into nursing for employers. Until recently, the routes to developing registered nurses within the workforce have been limited, with the university degree being the main way to train this group of staff. The introduction of the nursing degree apprenticeship gives a new opportunity for employers to train nurses, while the creation of the new nursing associate role can help to be a bridge between healthcare assistants and graduate registered nurses.

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