Changing risk behaviours and promoting cognitive health in older adults

Public Health England, November 2016

This resource is intended for local authority and clinical commissioning groups to identify what types of interventions they should focus on to help the uptake and maintenance of healthy behaviours and promote cognitive health among older adults living in the community.

It is also intended for providers of lifestyle behaviour change programmes to support the development of evidence-informed prevention packages for older adults.

It is produced in a way that makes it accessible to public health managers and practitioners working in the public, private and third sector.

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Creating Age Friendly Cities

Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology, October 2016

As the number of older people living in cities increases, there is growing recognition that cities need to become ‘age-friendly’ to help people remain independent and active as they age. This briefing from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) examines how housing, outdoor spaces and transport can be made more age-friendly.

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Hidden in plain sight: the unmet mental health needs of older people

Age UK, October 2016

This report finds that the current availability of mental health services does not meet the increasingly high demand from our ageing population.Currently 3 million people in the UK over the age of 60 are living with depression and this figure is set to rise to 4.3 million in the next 15 years due to the growing number of older people in our society.  The report found that over a third of Mental Health Trusts in England have no policies for providing integrated care for people over 65 with both mental and physical health needs.

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Still not ready for ageing

Ready for Aging Alliance, September 2016

This paper assesses the government’s response to the UK’s ageing society and argues that action on tackling the challenges and maximising the opportunities of ageing has stalled. The Alliance calls for an urgent focus on social care in particular with the aim of achieving a sustainable long-term financial settlement.

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Social care for older people: Home truths

The King’s Fund, September 2016

This report, published jointly with the Nuffield Trust, looks at the current state of social care services for older people in England and considers the impact of cuts in local authority spending on social care providers and on older people, their families and carers. The picture that emerges is of social care providers under pressure, struggling to retain staff, maintain quality and stay in business; local authorities making unenviable choices about where to make reductions; a complex set of causes of delays in discharging older people from hospital; and the voluntary sector keeping services going even when funding was curtailed.

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Healthy Caring Guide

NHS England, April 2016

NHS England, in partnership with Carers UK, Carers Trust Age UK, Public Health England, and older carers themselves, has published a Practical Guide to Healthy Caring.

The Guide provides information and advice to carers about staying healthy whilst caring and identifies the support available to help carers maintain their health and wellbeing.

While it is aimed at carers of any age, it is particularly relevant for carers aged around 65 years and those new to caring.

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