Prescribing anti-epileptic drugs for people with epilepsy and intellectual disability: (College Report CR206)

Royal College of Psychiatrists, November 2017

This report addresses the extremely important area of epilepsy in the field of intellectual disability (ID), also known as learning disability. Epilepsy and ID are two conditions that carry stigma and can lead to social isolation. An individual who experiences both these problems faces huge challenges.

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Important message: British National Formulary (BNF70) and the Children’s British National Formulary (BNFC 2015)

British National Formulary, February 2016

Please be advised that due to errors contained within the previously distributed hard copy version of the British National Formulary (BNF70) and the BNFC (2015) that serious patient safety incidents have been reported through the national reporting and learning system (NRLS).

An adhesive addendum will be produced at the end of February to be placed on the front of all hard copies and where Trusts have distributed copies in house, they should consider re-calling all copies.

All Practitioners are reminded that the most current up to date accurate version of the BNF and BNFC can be accessed via the electronic site here.

You can also access this via the following links

·         Via Medicines complete – please click here for further details

·         Via NICE evidence summaries – please click here

·         Via NICE BNF app – please click here for further details

Text messaging service ‘helps people take their pills’

BBC News, 6 December 2014

A text messaging service could help people remember to take the medicines they have been prescribed, say researchers.

A test scheme, which involved heart patients, cut the numbers who forgot or just stopped taking their pills…

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