The Hidden Half: Bringing postnatal mental illness out of hiding

National Childbirth Trust, June 2018

National Childbirth Trust  report that finds half of women experiencing mental health difficulties during pregnancy and in the year after did not have their needs recognised by health professionals. It calls for GPs to be resourced to ensure they make use of the mandatory six-week checkup to enquire about a mother’s wellbeing as well as the health of their baby.

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Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit

Royal College of General Practitioners, July 2016

This toolkit is a set of relevant tools to assist members of the primary care team to deliver the highest quality care to women with mental health problems in the perinatal period. As well as offering a diverse collection of resources, the Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit gives details of additional learning for individual practitioners.

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Perinatal mental health services: Recommendations for the provision of services for childbearing women

Royal College of Psychiatrists, July 2015

This report describes the provision of good-quality mental health services to childbearing women. It makes various recommendations and will assist those providing and planning services for pregnant and postpartum women across a range of disorders and severities at all levels of service provision. It outlines the particular importance of perinatal mental health problems and the need for specialised services.

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