Prevention is better than cure: our vision to help you live well for longer

Department of Health and Social Care, November 2018

The document sets out the government’s vision for:

stopping health problems from arising in the first place
supporting people to manage their health problems when they do arise
The goal is to improve healthy life expectancy by at least 5 extra years, by 2035, and to close the gap between the richest and poorest.

A collection of case studies has been published, showing examples of good practice in preventing health problems from happening.

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Cold Weather Plan For England Making the Case: Why long-term strategic planning for cold weather is essential to health and wellbeing

Public Health England, October 2018

This document aims to support the Cold Weather Plan for England (CWP) by providing the evidence of the effects of cold on health as well as what is known about the effectiveness of interventions.

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Tuberculosis in North West England: Annual review (2016 data): Data from 2000 to 2016

Public Health England, October 2018

Annual regional reports for the recent epidemiology of TB. This report describes the recent epidemiology of TB in the North West, providing an update on local trends, identifying areas of high burden of disease, at-risk population groups, and opportunities for interventions and prevention of future cases.

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Protecting people Promoting health: A public health approach to violence prevention for England

Department of Health, September 2018

This document outlines the extent and impact of violence nationally, covering violence in the general population as well as specific violence types that can impact dramatically on different sectors of society: child maltreatment, youth violence, intimate partner violence, sexual violence and elder abuse. It also provides information on how to access local intelligence on violence and related harms. The document describes some of the key risk and protective factors for violence and collects together details of interventions and policy measures that have been effective in preventing violence , giving examples of where these are already being employed in England. It also outlines the policy frameworks already in place to support violence prevention.

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