What do women say?: Reproductive health is a public health issue

Public Health England, June 2018

Document intended to be the starting point to develop a 5-year cross sectoral action plan for reproductive health. Can also be used as a reference point for healthcare professionals to inform prioritisation and planning. Reports on the findings of a large survey of more than 7,000 women and focus groups around the country.

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Sexual Health, Reproductive Health and HIV: Evaluation Framework Workbook

Public Health England, June 2018

This tool has been developed to support the evaluation of sexual health, reproductive health and HIV (SH, RH & HIV) interventions at the local level. This workbook takes the user through the steps required to plan and carry out an evaluation and allows them to detail specifics about their intervention and planned evaluation. Applying the tool will help users to identify the areas of their intervention where more understanding is required and form an evaluation plan.

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Evaluation of interventions in sexual health, reproductive health and HIV services: An introductory guide

Public Health England, June 2018

This guide provides an introduction to the evaluation of public health programmes and interventions. It is written primarily for practitioners interested in evaluation of interventions in sexual health, reproductive health and HIV services; however, it contains many general principles that may be applied to other public health areas.

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Cuts, Closures and Contraception

Advisory Group on Contraception, November 2017

The Advisory Group on Contraception (AGC) conducted an FOI audit of all 152 upper and unitary tier local authorities over the summer of 2017. The findings of the report show local authority contraception budgets are being cut and that contraceptive care services have closed or are under threat in more than one third of English local councils since 2015, with the pace of closures accelerating.

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