Parent-mediated social communication therapy for young children with autism (PACT): long-term follow-up of a randomised controlled trial

The Lancet, October 2016

This is a randomised controlled trial of a parent-mediated social communication intervention for children aged 2–4 years with core autism to investigate whether early intervention can improve long-term autism symptom outcomes.  The results are the first to show long-term symptom reduction after a randomised controlled trial of early intervention in autism spectrum disorder. They support the clinical value of the PACT intervention and have implications for developmental theory.

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Dysphagia and people with learning disabilities

Public Health England, April 2016

Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing problems. There are different causes and types of dysphagia. It is generally accepted that people with learning disabilities are more likely to have dysphagia than other people.

Public Health England have published a new report that brings together some of the reasonable adjustments that are being made to make the management of dysphagia in people with learning disabilities. It includes a summary of the research evidence and guidance as well as links to resources and examples from practice. This can be downloaded here.

They have also published two factsheets which explore dysphagia and learning disabilities:

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Identifying and managing common childhood language and speech impairments

BMJ, 14 May 2015

The aim of this clinical review is to summarise the current information on language and speech impairments to help general practitioners, universal well child services, and paediatricians to identify the most common problems, understand their clinical course, decide when to refer and for what services, and understand what improvements can be expected.

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