Mental Health bulletins -February 2019

This week’s Library bulletins are on Depression and Suicide Prevention.


Suicide prevention: cross-government plan

Department of Health and Social Care, January 2019

This policy paper sets out how the government will work with the NHS, local government and the voluntary sector to reduce suicides.  It sets out the actions being taken up to 2020 to carry out the suicide prevention strategy for England.

Click here to view the policy paper.

Preventing suicide: A community engagement toolkit

World Health Organization, September 2018

Communities play a crucial role in suicide prevention. This toolkit follows on from the World Health Organization (WHO) report Preventing suicide: a global imperative (WHO, 2014) by providing practical steps for engaging communities in suicide prevention activities.

Click here to view the full report.

Suicide prevention and peer support in the armed forces: Looking after your team

Ministry of Defence, September 2018

This guide gives advice on how to identify signs that someone may be having difficulties, ways of offering support and information on where help can be found. It builds on the range of support already available to service personnel who are struggling with their mental health, including access to specialist mental health medical care, training and education on good mental fitness and the Combat Stress 24-hour Mental Health Helpline.

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