Library Mental Health Bulletins

Lancashire Care Library and Information Service

This week’s Library Mental Health bulletins are on Suicide Prevention and Depression.


National confidential inquiry into suicide and homicide by people with mental illness

University of Manchester, October 2016

This report presents findings relating to people who died by suicide in 2004-2014. It found that over 200 suicide deaths per year now occur in patients under mental health crisis teams, three times as many as in in-patients.

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Preventing suicides in public places: a practice resource

Public Health England, December 2015

This practice resource is for those with responsibility for suicide prevention in local authorities and their partner agencies. It has been developed to help them contribute to the delivery of the national suicide prevention strategy for England, in particular area 3 of the strategy, ‘Reduce access to the means of suicide’.

Click here for further information and to download the report.

Clinical Review: Suicide risk assessment and intervention in people with mental illness

BMJ, 9 November 2015

This review summarizes the current science in suicide risk assessment and provides an overview of the interventions shown to reduce the risk of suicide, with a focus on the clinical management of people with mental disorders.

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Suicide prevention: identifying and responding to suicide clusters

Public Health England, September 2015

This toolkit is for people with responsibility for suicide prevention in local authorities and their partner agencies.

It includes:

•the meaning of the term ‘suicide clusters’
•identification of suicide clusters
•suggestions for who may be at risk of suicidal acts due to the influence of other people’s suicidal behaviour,
•the mechanisms involved in suicide clusters
•the effects of suicide on other individuals
The steps required at local level to prepare for a suicide cluster are described alongside suggested responses to possible suicide clusters.  Finally, best practice is provided on how to evaluate responses to a cluster, and on using the experience to improve further suicide prevention measures.

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