Health and work: infographics

Public Health England, September 2016

A series of infographics intended to help raise awareness and understanding of the relationship between health and work.

These infographics are intended to help public health practitioners, local authorities and policy makers to make the case and inform planning on embedding health, work and worklessness within and across these issues.

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Interventions to prevent burnout in high risk individuals: Evidence review

Public Health England, February 2016

Although there is existing evidence on what works to treat burnout and work-related stress, there is less on what works to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

This report provides an overview of literature covering how to prevent burnout and work-related stress in individuals and within organisations.

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New blog: Opening job opportunities to people with a learning disability

NHS England, February 2016

The Director of the NHS Learning Disability Employment Programme has introduced a new series of blogs which aims to share perspectives on employing people with a learning disability in the NHS. Over the next few months NHS England will be posting blogs on a wide range of topics from employers, carers, and people with a learning disability who are employed in the NHS, with the aim of sharing best practice and helping others find solutions to employing people within their organisations.

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The habits of an improver

Health Foundation, October 2015

This Health Foundation report offers a way of viewing the field of improvement from the perspective of the men and women who deliver and co-produce care on the ground, the improvers on whom the NHS depends. It describes 15 habits which such individuals regularly deploy, grouped under five broad headings – learning, influencing, resilience, creativity and systems thinking.

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Physical environments and employee wellbeing: topic overview

Public Health England, August 2015

This paper provides an overview of the literature on the impact of particular elements of the physical work environment on employee wellbeing including office layout, office furniture, workplace lighting and temperature, and employee control over their work environment.

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