Keeping Up-to-Date

Below are links to some useful resources to help you keep up-to-date.

Lancashire Care Library Blog – Sign up to get blog alerts to your email.

KnowledgeShare – KnowledgeShare is available to all staff and students at Lancashire Care and provides you with personalized alerts to your inbox.  Click here to complete the form and send this back to the Library to sign up.

NICE Newsletters and Alerts – NICE provide a range of newsletters and update alerts which are free to sign up to.

King’s Fund Healthcare Information Bulletins – You can sign up to alerts and newsletters produced by the King’s Fund on management and leadership, Health and Wellbeing, Integrated Care and Digital Health.

Horizon Scanning Bulletins – The LIHNN (Library and Information Health Network NW)network produces horizon scanning bulletins on a range of health topics.  The Bulletins are produced by NHS Librarians across the North West and are quality-assured by experts in the field to ensure high quality information.  These are free to sign up to.

The BMJ The British Medical Journal is a key medical journal covering all types of medicine.  You can access this by logging in with your OpenAthens password.  You can also sign up for alerts.

NIHR Signals – NIHR Signals provide you with the latest important research from the National Institute of Health Research and other health research organisations.  Signals explain why the study was needed, what the researchers did, what the study found, how this relates to current guidelines and what the implications are of the findings. They are accompanied by commentary from experts in their field, researchers and those working in practice.

The Mental Elf – The Mental Elf is a blog and website aiming to keep you up to date with mental health research and guidance.  Mental health experts post updates every day with short and snappy summaries that highlight evidence-based publications relevant to mental health practice in the UK and further afield.

The Learning Disabilities Elf – The Learning Disabilities Elf aims to bring you the latest learning disabilities evidence that is published each week.
They scan the most important websites, databases and journals and select evidence that is relevant to health and social care professionals with an interest in learning disabilities.

The Dental Elf – A daily blog providing brief summaries highlighting evidence-based publications relevant to dental practice in the UK and around the world.