Evaluation of interventions in sexual health, reproductive health and HIV: list of standards and metrics

Public Health England, June 2018

Spreadsheet detailing a list of standards and metrics for the evaluation of interventions in sexual health, reproductive health and HIV including links to relevant documentation.

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Lean document processes: Building a faster, more efficient, cost-effective flow of information

MDI Group and Canon America, June 2018

This report calls for a controlled standardised document workflow to increase efficiency and productivity. This will reduce print costs by reducing the needs of a ‘print everything culture’.

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Taking The Value-Based Agenda Forward: The Five Essential Components Of Value-Based Approaches To Health And Care

NHS Confederation, June 2018

NHS Confederation report that explores how the adoption of value-based healthcare could be spread across all parts of the healthcare system, maximising the benefits for those who use NHS and wider services. It also explores the central challenge of how value-based healthcare is taken to the next stage and embedded across the whole system. Five key characteristics are identified:

  • Learning and adapting through innovation
  • Managing risk
  • Making best use of data
  • Thinking about pathways across the whole system
  • Listening to patients

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KnowledgeShare – keep up-to-date with the latest evidence

The Gosall Library, June 2018

Don’t forget that all staff are able to sign up for KnowledgeShare.  KnowledgeShare provides you with customized alerts on the latest evidence tailored to your interests.  Focusing on evidence that will change practice, and the latest publications on quality, safety, education and the patient experience, the aim is to bring you what you need to know and no more.

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BJPsych Advances – July 2018

The July edition of BJPysch Advances has been published.  This issue includes articles on family therapy and schizophrenia, alcohol use disorders in people with intellectual disability, and communication skills training for mental health professionals working with people with severe mental illness.

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Journal of Psychiatric Research – August 2018

The August edition of Journal of Psychiatric Research has been published.  This issue includes articles on circadian activity rhythm in adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, cortisol trajectory, melancholia, and response to electroconvulsive therapy, and the influence of deployment stress and life stress on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) diagnosis among military personnel.

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