Allied health professionals job planning: a best practice guide

NHS Improvement, November 2017

Advice for trusts to ensure that their approach to job planning for allied health professionals (AHPs) is consistent with best practice.

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Allied health professions into action: using AHPs to transform health, care and wellbeing

NHS England, January 2017

This document is a vision of how, with collective action, our nation would be different if all AHPs were used effectively. Aimed at leaders and decision makers, to help them understand the transformative potential and role of AHPs within the health, social and wider care system. The document provides examples of innovative AHP practice and a framework to help develop local delivery plans.

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Allied health professionals: interventions that improve public health

Public Health England, December 2015

Public Health England commissioned a team of academics led by Sheffield Hallam University to undertake an initial review to identify examples where there is good evidence of impact on public health by Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)and therefore an opportunity to broaden practice and identify areas which require more focus to demonstrate impact by AHPs on public health.  This report describes the key findings of this work.

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Focus On: Allied Health Professionals

The Nuffield Trust, 30 September 2014

This QualityWatch report, published in partnership with the Health Foundation, explores how best the quality of care delivered by allied health professionals can be measured, and presents the key findings from the available data.

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