Learning from deaths Guidance for NHS trusts on working with bereaved families and carers

NHS England, July 2018

The learning from deaths national guidance is for NHS trusts on working with bereaved families and carers. It advises trusts on how they should support, communicate and engage with families following a death of someone in their care.  Included is information for families following a bereavement has been prepared with the support of families, trusts and other stakeholders. These documents aim to explain what happens next; including information about how to comment on the care your loved one received and what happens if a death will be looked into by a coroner.

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Understanding and preventing drug-related deaths: the report of a national expert working group to investigate drug-related deaths in England

Public Health England, September 2016

This report makes recommendations towards addressing the rising number of people dying from drug misuse in England and highlights a number of principles for action by local authorities, drug treatment providers and partner organisations. The national expert working group advocates a whole-system approach to substance abuse treatment and a personalised approach which is tailored to patient needs.

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Deaths Related to Drug Poisoning in England and Wales, 2012

Office of National Statistics, August 2014

The ONS have published a statistical bulletin for deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales.

Key findings:

  • There were 1,706 male drug poisoning deaths (involving both legal and illegal drugs) registered in 2012, a 4% decrease since 2011.
  • Female drug poisoning deaths have increased every year since 2009, reaching 891 in 2012.
  • The number of male drug misuse deaths (involving illegal drugs) decreased by 9% from 1,192 in 2011 to 1,086 in 2012; female deaths decreased by 1% from 413 in 2011 to 410 in 2012.
  • The highest mortality rate from drug misuse was in 30 to 39-year-olds, at 97.8 and 28.9 deaths per million population for males and females respectively in 2012.
  • The number of deaths involving heroin/morphine fell slightly in 2012 to 579 deaths, but these remain the substances most commonly involved in drug poisoning deaths.
  • The number of deaths involving tramadol have continued to rise, with 175 deaths in 2012 – more than double the number seen in 2008 (83 deaths).
  • Mortality rates from drug misuse were significantly higher in Wales than in England in 2012, at 45.8 and 25.4 deaths per million population respectively.
  • In England, the North West had the highest mortality rate from drug misuse in 2012 (41.0 deaths per million population).
  • All figures presented in this bulletin are based on deaths registered in a particular calendar year, and out of the 2,597 drug-related deaths registered in 2012, 1,358 (just over half) occurred in years prior to 2012.

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