The other one in four – how financial difficulty is neglected in mental health services

Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, December 2016

This report assesses the extent to which mental health services systematically recognise and respond to this relationship between financial difficulty and mental health problems. They explore where there are gaps in existing provision and where better coordination could improve services for people with mental health problems who are experiencing  financial difficulty.

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In the red: student nurse debt

Unison, October 2016

This report finds that two thirds of NHS students have had to take on work on top of their studies in order to supplement their income. The proportion of medical and health students taking on extra jobs has risen from 61 per cent to 68 per cent in the last decade and 64 per cent of those surveyed say that working these extra hours is affecting their ability to study.

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The Damage of Debt: The impact of money worries on children’s mental health and well-being

The Children’s Society, September 2016

The aim of this report is to provide fresh insights on how low well-being and poor mental health in children are linked to household poverty and problem debt; and to explore the views of children and parents who live in low income households with debt problems on how their family’s financial situation affects their well-being and mental health.  The report makes recommendations to address these issues.

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Debt and Health: A Briefing

Picker Institute Europe, December 2015

Picker Institute Europe has published a new briefing; Debt and Health: A Briefing, focused on the relationship between debt and health. Including the health related consequences of debt, the impact it can have on individual mental health and recommendations for implication prevention.

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Mental Health and Debt 2015: Help, info, guidance and support for individuals and carers

Money Saving Expert, May 2015

This guide has been produced by in conjunction with various mental health and debt advice charities.  Debt is a common problem for people with Mental Health problems.  This guide aims to help people with mental health problems, and their families and carers, to tackle their debt problems and manage the finances.

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