Estimation of future cases of dementia from those born in 2015

Office of Health Economics, September 2015

Commissioned by Alzheimer’s Research UK, the findings in this report estimate that one in three people born this year will develop the condition during their lifetime. The analysis took into account life expectancy estimates for people born in 2015, as well as estimates of dementia incidence in men and women of different ages.

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Is this a new era for dementia? – Professor Alistair Burns and Professor Martin Rossor

NHS England, 15 September 2015

The current national and international focus on dementia has been widely welcomed as a vehicle to raise the profile of, and attract attention to, what has been a hitherto relatively neglected area of scientific interest and clinical practice…

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A Review of the Dementia Research Landscape and Workforce Capacity in the United Kingdom

RAND Europe, September 2015

This report was commissioned by the Alzheimer’s Society in order to analyse the UK’s dementia research landscape and workforce capacity.  The report seeks to inform funding and capacity-building efforts in dementia research by assessing the research carried out on Dementia in the UK and how the UK compares to global benchmarks.

Dementia: GPs say patchy services fail patients

BBC News, 6 July 2015

Doctors have raised fresh concerns about the level of support people with dementia and their carers get from the NHS and social services in the UK.

And the Royal College of GPs says until the situation improves, doctors will have to weigh up whether there is any advantage in early diagnosis…

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How can and should UK society adjust to dementia?

Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 22 June 2015

The publication explores the application of the social model of disability to dementia. It looks in detail at what this social model is, and where it has come from, bringing together the authors’ interests in disability and ageing, and training in disability studies and health and social geography.

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Women and Dementia: A global research overview

Alzheimer’s Disease International, June 2015

Women and Dementia: A global research review provides an overview of international research from all over the world, highlighting the need for a broader, evidence based approach to female-targeted dementia health programmes in low and middle income countries, where female-led family caring remains the predominant care model.  The report also highlights the experiences of female caregiving in high income countries, and calls on policy makers to integrate better support systems for LGBTI females.

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Talking Together: Facilitating peer support activities to help people with learning disabilities understand about growing older and living with dementia

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, May 2015

The fact that people with learning disabilities are living longer raises many questions about how they can be supported to have a good life with opportunities to be involved and connected with others into old age.

This handbook describes how to run facilitated peer support groups where people use their understanding and experiences to help each other, aiming to help people with learning disabilities experience a greater sense of well-being as they grow older.

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