Stakeholder Engagement Meeting for Rehabilitation Clinicians

NHS England, January 2015

The NHS England Children and Young People’s Rehabilitation Scoping Project aims to establish if there is a case of need for work to improve CYP rehabilitation services.

For the purposes of this project rehabilitation has a broad definition, including physical and mental health, and impacting all ages through to early adulthood.

To guide and inform this work NHS England are holding stakeholder engagement sessions for clinicians representing organisations providing rehabilitation services for children and young people. Attendees will include clinicians representing a broad range of rehabilitation service providers from specialised services through to community teams. At these workshop-style events we will be seeking feedback on the priorities of clinicians regarding rehabilitation.

A workshop is being held on 3rd March 2015, 10:30 to 14:30 at Quarry House in Leeds.

Registration closes: 15th January 2015

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