Comprehensive Investment Appraisal (CIA) model and guidance

Department of Health and Social Care, April 2019

The CIA is a model for the NHS to use to support economic appraisals in business cases. It replaces the Generic Economic Model. The user guide shows how the CIA model can be used to support economic appraisals in business cases. It provides guidance on the key economic principles, how these are used in economic appraisals and how the outcome of these appraisals is interpreted.

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Issues Surrounding the Estimation of the Opportunity Cost of Adopting a New Health Care Technology: Areas for Further Research

Office for Health Economics, August 2018

Proposes new approaches in three areas to improve understanding of supply side opportunity costs for the NHS. It explores improving efficiency, production functions and purchaser priorities.

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Youth mental health: New economic evidence

Personal Social Services Research Unit, February 2016

This report examines the economic challenges of youth mental health problems in England. The main focus is on adolescents and young adults. The findings are summarised from a review of the international evidence on the economic impact of youth mental health services, an analysis of the economic implications of youth mental health problems – including the failure to recognise or treat them – and an evaluation of two models of youth mental health service provision in England. A number of recommendations are made.

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Building the House of Care

The Health Foundation, December 2015

This paper explores how the House of Care, a coordinated approach to personalised care and support planning, can transform the health and care of people with long-term conditions (LTCs). It contains case studies of evolving practice in Leeds and Somerset and seeks to understand how two whole health economies – individuals, communities, health and social care services and others – are working to manage the rise in the number of people with multiple LTCs and enhance their care experiences. The paper is intended for CCGs, public health teams, other front-line providers and national bodies.

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Estimation of future cases of dementia from those born in 2015

Office of Health Economics, September 2015

Commissioned by Alzheimer’s Research UK, the findings in this report estimate that one in three people born this year will develop the condition during their lifetime. The analysis took into account life expectancy estimates for people born in 2015, as well as estimates of dementia incidence in men and women of different ages.

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