Beverage purchases from stores in Mexico under the excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages: observational study

BMJ, 6 January 2016

This study looks at the effect on purchases of beverages from stores in Mexico one year after implementation of the excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages.

The study finds that the tax on sugar sweetened beverages was associated with reductions in purchases of taxed beverages and increases in purchases of untaxed beverages. Continued monitoring is needed to understand purchases longer term, potential substitutions, and health implications.

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Measuring Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People

Public Health England, October 2015

This resource is designed to help local organisations decide how to best gauge the mental wellbeing of children and young people in their areas. It also helps to identify local opportunities to enhance wellbeing, including through community or physical activities, as well as factors that may have a negative impact, such as high crime rates and family breakdown.

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How should we think about value in health and care?

The Health Foundation, September 2015

This paper is a step towards creating a new articulation of value in co-production with other stakeholders, in order to achieve the wider Realising the Value programme objective of demonstrating the value of people and communities in their own health and care.

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Estimation of future cases of dementia from those born in 2015

Office of Health Economics, September 2015

Commissioned by Alzheimer’s Research UK, the findings in this report estimate that one in three people born this year will develop the condition during their lifetime. The analysis took into account life expectancy estimates for people born in 2015, as well as estimates of dementia incidence in men and women of different ages.

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Health Matters: Smoking and Quitting in England

Public Health England, 15 September 2015

Smoking and quitting in England is the first of a planned series of resources that will help make the case for effective public health interventions.  The resource will bring together in one easily accessible package local and national level data, policy and programme expertise, as well as campaigning and social marketing resources – all presented in an easy-to-use, engaging format, that will help make the case for effective public health interventions.

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Health and Social Care: The First 100 Days of the New Government

The King’s Fund, August 2015

After 100 days in office, the new government’s plans for health and social care are beginning to take shape. The King’s Fund take a look at the measures that have been outlined so far and focus on financial control and productivity; devolution; quality and safety; primary care; seven-day services; mental health and learning disabilities; public health; social care; patient engagement; leadership; and regulation.

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Improvements to care in the last days and hours of life

Department of Health, August 2015

This report shows the progress organisations have made on specific commitments in the One Chance to Get it Right report, which set out actions to improve care in the last days and hours of life.

The update sets out progress made on:

•the new Care Quality Commission inspection regime for end of life care
•new NICE guidance
•actions to improve education, training and research
•professional regulation
•the implementation of the priorities for care

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