Meningitis B vaccinations start across UK for all newborns

BBC News, 1 September 2015

The Men B vaccine will be given to babies at two, four and 12 months old as part of routine immunisations…

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Evidence bolsters case for HPV vaccine

BMA, 19 December 2014

Overwhelming evidence supports extending the HPV vaccine to boys, the BMA has declared.  The BMA wants immunisation programme to be extended to all boys, as well as girls, before they start having sex.

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Parents who refuse vitamin K for newborns are also likely to refuse vaccinations, Canadian study finds

The British Medical Journal, 21 August 2014

Parents who declined vitamin K prophylaxis for their newborns were more likely to have had their child at home, to have had the child delivered by a midwife, and subsequently to decline to have their children vaccinated, a Canadian study has found…

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