Variation in compulsory psychiatric inpatient admission in England: a cross-sectional, multilevel analysis

National Institute for Health Research, December 2014

This paper seeks to quantify and model variances in the rate of compulsory admission to psychiatric inpatient wards in England at different spatial levels and to assess the extent to which this was explained by characteristics of people and places.

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Mental health bulletin: Annual report from MHMDS Returns 2013-14

Health & Social Care Information Centre, 27 November 2014

The Mental Health Bulletin shows that for every 100 occupied beds, fewer than one person is discharged per day (0.7). The fact that so many inpatients are spending months in hospital reduces hospitals’ capacity to accept new admissions.

As well as the special feature on the length of hospital stay for people in contact with mental health services, the report also found that:

  • The number of people in contact with mental health services rose by 9.8 per cent – 1.75m in 2013/14, rising from 1.60m in 2012/13
  • 6.0 per cent of people in contact with mental health services (105,300) spent some time as a hospital inpatient during 2013/14. In 2012/13 this figure was 6.6 per cent (105,200).
  • The median length of stay for people who had been discharged from mental health inpatient services during 2013/14 was 23 days.

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