Developing supportive design for people with dementia

The King’s Fund, October 2014

To support clinical and care staff, managers and estates colleagues, The King’s Fund has produced a range of resources to enable hospitals, care homes, primary care premises and specialist housing providers to become more dementia friendly.

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A new settlement for health and social care: Final report

The King’s Fund, September 2014

The Barker Report proposes a new approach that redesigns care around individual needs regardless of diagnosis, with a graduated increase in support as needs rise, particularly towards the end of life.  Key recommendations:

  • Moving to a single, ring-fenced budget for the NHS and social care, with a single commissioner for local services.  This will have major implications for central and local government and the NHS.
  • A new care and support allowance, would offer choice and control to people with low to moderate needs while at the highest levels of need, the debate on who pays for care – the NHS or the local authority – will be removed.
  • Individuals and their carers would benefit from a much simpler path through the whole system of health and social care that is designed to reflect changing levels of need.
  • A focus on more equal support for equal need, which in the long term means making much more social care free at the point of use.
  • It rejects new NHS charges and private insurance options in favour of public funding.
    Public spending on health and social care is likely to reach between 11 per cent and 12 per cent of GDP by 2025, the next government needs to consider how to respond to these spending pressures.
  • Proposes funding changes, including changes to National Insurance contributions, to meet the additional £5 billion that would be required to improve social care entitlements.
  • A comprehensive review of various forms of wealth taxation needs to be undertaken with a view to generating additional resources that will be needed for health and social care in future years.

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