Helping people look after themselves: a guide on self-care

Local Government Association, November 2016

This report calls for a new culture of care to reduce the pressures on doctors and hospitals. It highlights the role that GPs can play in educating the public on self-care and how they can treat themselves without visting the doctor or managing long-term conditions by taking preventative measures to stay fit.

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A Charge on Caring? Analysis Of the Use and Impact of Charges by Councils Providing Support to Unpaid Carers

Carers’ Trust, September 2015

This report finds that a growing number of councils are considering charging carers for the support they receive, putting them in financial difficulties and at risk of ill health. The research is based on Freedom of Information requests which were sent to 147 local authorities in England to find out how many are currently charging carers for support, the impact those charges are having on carers and the number of councils that will be debating the introduction of charges in the next twelve months.

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Note for adult safeguarding boards on the Mental Health Crisis Concordat

Local Government Association, June 2015

The Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat is a national agreement between services and agencies involved in the care and support of people in crisis. It sets out how organisations will work together better to make sure that people get the help they need when they are having a mental health crisis.  The LGA and ADASS have published a note for adult safeguarding boards on the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat. Included in this to this document is a checklist which safeguarding adults boards can use to assess their progress with the local implementation of the Concordat.

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Tackling the causes and effects of obesity

Local Government Association, January 2015

This report argues that health problems associated with being overweight or obese cost the country £5 billion per year, with numbers of people with obesity predicted to more than double in the next 40 years. It warns that councils do not have enough money in their public health budgets to properly tackle obesity once mandatory services such as sexual health and drug and alcohol services have been paid for. The report calls for a fifth of existing VAT raised on sweets, crisps, takeaway food and sugary drinks to go to boost council-run grassroots initiatives with a proven track record, such as leisure activities and health awareness campaigns.

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Troubled families: supporting health needs

Department of Health, Department for Communities and Local Government and Public Health England, 5 November 2014

The expanded troubled families programme will be working with families who have mental and physical health issues.

The Department of Health, Department for Communities and Local Government and Public Health England have produced a set of guidance documents to help health teams to support the health needs of troubled families and work with local councils.

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