Psychologically informed environments: a literature review

The Mental Health Foundation, February 2016

In this report, commissioned by St Mungo’s, the Mental Health Foundation have used a rapid review approach to assess the evidence available on PIEs in UK homelessness settings. The report shows that PIEs are a promising development with evidence indicating that they work. However, it also concludes that there is further research needed in the following key areas: Factors contributing to success in implementation, ways to overcome difficulties and a coherent outcome framework/toolkit, which is publically available to help measure change for providers.

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Fundamental Facts About Mental Health 2015

Mental Health Foundation, October 2015

The Mental Health Foundation have produced this comprehensive summary of mental health research, providing a unique handbook of key facts and figures, covering all key areas of mental health.

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Learning Disabilities: IAPT Positive Practice Guide

Mental Health Foundation, September 2015

This Positive Practice Guide, which is written by experts in learning disabilities, summarises the needs of people with learning disabilities and clearly outlines the reasonable adjustments that are recommended to ensure that people with learning disabilities get the maximum benefit from treatment within an IAPT service.

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How to commission better mental health and wellbeing services for young people

Mental Health Foundation, October 2014

is guide is aimed at those with a responsibility for commissioning mental health and wellbeing services for young people. Although the Right Here programme focused primarily on early intervention in community settings, many of the lessons we learnt – that are included in this guide – apply equally to the commissioning of services for more severe conditions.

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