Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of body psychotherapy in the treatment of negative symptoms of schizophrenia: A multicentre randomised controlled trial

NIHR Health Technology Assessment programme, February 2016

The negative symptoms of schizophrenia significantly impact on quality of life and social functioning, and current treatment options are limited. In this study the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of group body psychotherapy as a treatment for negative symptoms were compared with an active control.

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The five year forward view for mental health: A report from the independent Mental Health Taskforce to the NHS in England

NHS England, March 2016

The Mental Health Taskforce has published its final report.  The report sets out what needs to happen to make sure people get access to the treatment and support they need, when they need it. The report makes recommendations for the NHS to achieve the ambition of ‘parity of esteem’ between mental and physical health for children and young people, adults and older people. This includes prevention, early intervention, access to crisis care and better integration of mental and physical health care.

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Understanding the whole person: What are the common concepts for recovery and desistance across the fields of mental health, substance misuse, and criminology?

Revolving Doors, December 2015

This review by Revolving Doors finds that people facing complex needs and disadvantaged lives will see many common steps across their recovery journeys.

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Children of the new century: Mental health findings from the Millennium Cohort Study

Centre for Mental Health, December 2015

This report from the Centre for Mental Health finds that about one in ten 11-year-olds in the UK has a mental health problem according to parents – or eight percent as reported by teachers. Children from the lowest income families are four times more likely to have mental health problems than those from the highest earning backgrounds.

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Debt and Health: A Briefing

Picker Institute Europe, December 2015

Picker Institute Europe has published a new briefing; Debt and Health: A Briefing, focused on the relationship between debt and health. Including the health related consequences of debt, the impact it can have on individual mental health and recommendations for implication prevention.

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Focus on: Bullying and Mental Health

Anti-Bullying Alliance, December 2015

This briefing paper pulls together the latest findings, both in the UK and internationally, which show how involvement in school bullying, whether as a ‘victim’, ‘bully, or ‘bullyvictim’, is linked to poorer mental health outcomes throughout adolescence and into adulthood.

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Department of Health response to the Law Commission’s consultation on mental capacity and deprivation of liberty

Department of Health, December 2015

The Department of Health has published its response to the Law Commission’s consultation on how the law should regulate deprivations of liberty (DoLS) for people who lack capacity to consent to their care and treatment arrangements. The consultation proposes that DoLS should be replaced by a new system called ‘protective care’. It also proposes that there should be a new code of practice. The Law Commission will publish its final recommendations by the end of 2016.

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