Suicide prevention: Interim report

Commons Select Committee, December 2016

The Health Committee has published an interim report to allow the emerging themes from witnesses to be presented to government in time to inform the updated suicide prevention strategy. A full report will follow next year, once the strategy has been published and witnesses have been invited to give their views.

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Sugar and Health

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, May 2015

Sugars can be added to food and drinks or occur naturally in fruit, vegetables and milk. A high sugar diet increases the risk of tooth decay and weight gain, and high consumption of sugar sweetened drinks is associated with type 2 diabetes. This paper describes trends in sugar consumption in the UK, the public health implications and outlines policy options.

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Serious problems with children’s and adolescents’ mental health services, says Health Committee

UK Parliament, 5 November 2014

In a report published on 5 November 2014, titled Children’s and adolescents’ mental health services and CAMHS, the Health Select Committee concludes that there are serious and deeply ingrained problems with the commissioning and provision of children’s and adolescents’ mental health services.

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