FolksLab toolkit guide

NHS England, September 2018

This guide provides and overview of how the FolksLab toolkit works to help staff in health and care system run effective and practical workshops. A FolksLab seeks to bring different approaches to problem-solving and sharing, providing a creative opportunity for participants to:

  • Discuss topics that they are passionate about
  • Share their learning and to learn from others
  • Generate some new improvement ideas and visual representations
  • Prototype a design that they can take back to their own organisation to improve health and care for local people

The purpose of the FolksLab is to give participants space to share and understand a problem, generate multiple ideas to solve the problem and undertake a rapid prototype design, build and feedback exercise using a range of creative materials supplied.  Building a 3D prototype helps groups to picture the solution they are designing, overcome misconceptions to ensure everyone has the same vision of the solution, and gives the rest of the groups something tangible to engage with and feed back on.

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